Chimney Installation & Replacement

Whether you just purchased an older home with a worn and neglected chimney or you’re looking to add a new chimney to your home, taking on a project like this can be intimidating. You know that how the work is done matters, which means who does the work matters, too.

You need to have confidence in the team doing the work. You need to be sure they know their stuff and that they’ll do things right the first time. After all, it’s too big an investment for questionable results.

We get it. But if you’re in the GTA, you can rest easy because All Services Roofing, Inc. is at your service.

So, if your chimney is so far gone that a simple repair is no longer effective, trust your full or partial rebuild to All Services Roofing

Whether you’re adding a new chimney or your chimney needs to be rebuilt from the ground up or the roofline up, we have the equipment, materials, experience, and expertise to get the job done right.


Roof Repair

As your one-stop shop for all things related to roofing, we aim to complete roof repairs the only way we know how, the right way!If you suspect any leakage or damage from your roof, we can inspect it for you and have our experts repair any of the damages.


Eavestroughs are an essential part of any home. Having old, overflowing gutters; or downspouts that do not extend far enough away from your foundation could prove disastrous for your home. The eavestrough services we provide are very durable and reliable, and we supply replacements, repairs, and installations.


Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are designed to withstand the weather for extended periods, such as winter storms and ice. It is essential that flat roofing is done the first time professionally, as any flaws will be constantly challenged year-round.


Skylights add beautiful natural lighting to your home, and they can also have a positive impact on your overall health and mood. Exposure to natural light rather than artificial light has been linked to many health benefits, including elevated mood, increased creativity, lowered blood pressure, and anxiety. We can install one in your home with designs to your liking.